Mist is using AI to revolutionize enterprise networking. By delivering unprecedented automation and insights, the Mist AI Platform saves time and money, maximizes IT productivity, and delivers the best networking experience to any digital user.


Mist has brought true innovation to the networking space with the world’s first AI-driven wired and wireless network.

The Mist AI Platform makes networking predictable, reliable and measurable with unprecedented visibility into the user experience. Time consuming manual IT tasks are replaced with AI-driven proactive automation and self-healing capabilities, lowering networking operational costs and saving substantial time and money.

Mist also brings enterprise-grade Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® LE and IoT together so businesses can increase the value of their wireless networks through personalized location services, such as wayfinding, proximity notifications, and asset location. With Mist’s patented virtual BLE (vBLE) technology, no battery beacons or manual calibration are required. Mist also extends our AI operational efficiency and insights to the wired side of the business.

All operations are managed via Mist’s open and programmable microservices cloud architecture. This delivers maximum scalability and performance while also bringing DevOps agility to wired and wireless networking and location services.


Microservices bring unparalleled agility, scale, resiliency
Mist makes it easy to add or remove new features by leveraging a microservices cloud architecture. New enhancements and bug fixes are delivered almost weekly without network disruption. Services scale up or down elastically when they’re needed, eliminating the cost and complexity of monolithic hardware. Plus, the Mist platform is inherently resilient as the failure of one service does not impact others.

AI engine lowers OpEx, delivers unprecedented insight
The Mist Cloud uses AI and data science to analyze large amounts of rich

metadata collected from Mist Access Points and Juniper EX Series Switches to provide actionable insight. For example:

  • Supervised machine learning correlates events for rapid root cause identification.
  • Time-series anomaly detection identifies negative trends and determines the magnitude of their impact.
  • AI-driven Radio Resource Management (RRM) optimizes the RF settings in real-time based on changing conditions.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) is used for making complex queries simple and fast.
  • Unsupervised machine learning is used with Mist’s vBLE technology to accurately locate users and devices.

The Mist Cloud enables networking and location services to be consumed in a scalable and cost effective manner. Customers select the specific subscription services (detailed on page 2) that are best for their environment, and can easily add/remove cloud services as business requirements change. No additional hardware is required.

Fully programmable cloud
The Mist platform is 100% programmable, using open APIs, for full automation and seamless integration with complementary products including our AI for IT partners across LAN, WAN, security, engagement and asset location.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Network and Business Insights Mist’s Wired/Wireless Assurance, User Engagement, or Asset Management service includes a base analytics capability for analyzing up to 30 days of data, simplifying the process of extracting network insights from data and analytics across your enterprise — allowing you to properly align support resources or introduce enhanced premium services. For enterprises needing deeper flexibility to extend the data timeline beyond 30 days or access other 3rd Party solutions with customizable reporting for better shopper and guest behavior understanding, Mist Premium Analytics Subscription services is available. Learn more about Mist Premium Analytics Subscription here.

Access Points

Best Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE performance
In addition to delivering the best 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) and 802.11ac Wi-Fi range and performance, Mist APs incorporate a patented dynamic vBLE 16 element antenna array to deliver the industry’s most accurate and scalable location services.

Data collection, analysis and enforcement
Mist APs collect data and enforce policies in conjunction with the Mist Cloud, which is critical when doing analytics, machine learning, location services, and event correlation. For enhanced visibility, several models incorporate IoT sensors and a third radio for business process automation, constant monitoring and intelligent packet capture to speed up troubleshooting.

Single, enterprise-grade platform for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, and IoT
For network convergence, Mist APs incorporate a port for direct, and programmable, integration to the analog and digital interfaces of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


Meet your digital transformation needs with a Juniper portfolio for a full end-to-end software-defined enterprise. The Juniper EX Series Switches address growing enterprise demands for high availability, unified communications and virtualization.



Mist makes Wi-Fi predictable, reliable, and measurable. Automate operations, save time and money, and get unprecedented visibility into the Wi-Fi user experience. Secure your network with 802.1X, IPSec, RogueAP detection and more.

Customizable Wi-Fi Service Levels.
Set, monitor, and enforce Service Level Expectations (SLE) for key Wi-Fi performance metrics.

Root Cause Identification in One Click
Proactively identify and fix the root causes of problems using Mist’s Proactive Analytics and Correlation Engine (PACE).

Guest Wi-Fi
The industry’s most scalable guest access solution with options including: multiple language support, customizable branding, social login, and external portal/AAA/RADIUS integration.

AI-Driven Radio Resource Management
Learn and better optimize radio settings to assure performance, while also instantaneously adapting to intermittent outside interference.

Real-time User State Information
Dynamically capture packets the moment an event occurs; Rewind to see any user’s state at any point in time.

Simple Resource Assignment and QoS
With WxLAN, assign and prioritize network resources to Wi-Fi users with the click of a mouse or via pre-assigned policies.


Deliver simpler operations, shorter mean time to repair and better visibility into end-user experiences

Wired Service Levels Enforce SLEs of pre-/post-connection performance metrics such as throughput, successful connects and switch health.

Root Cause Identification in One Click Proactively identify and fix the root causes of problems using Mist’s Proactive Analytics and Correlation Engine (PACE).

Provides Insight Into Wired Service Levels Get switch insights down to the port level for detailed views of CPU, memory utilization, bytes transferred, traffic utilization and power draw.

Deliver Data to the Mist Cloud Platform with Juniper EX Series Ethernet Switches, fueling AI and data science.


End-to-end Network Visibility Get 30 days of insights through the analysis of network data from Mist across your network to optimize end-user/client experiences and identify trends to improve network resource optimization. Additional insights with other 3rd Party* networking and security solutions with customized* reporting is available.

Orchestrated Networking and Application Performance Queries Correlate and analyze data across Mist Cloud for optimized application delivery. Deeper insights across 3rd Party* networking solutions and devices to generate customized queries for WAN performance from campus to branch is available.

Simplified Network Transparency Access to real-time line of site reporting to view network abnormalities, like rogues and honeypots. Extend viewing periods beyond 30-days* and request customized* reports with other 3rd Party* networking and security solutions.


Meet Marvis – the first AI-driven virtual network assistant. Now you can ask questions and get intuitive answers on par with a wireless expert.

Simple Natural Language Interface Marvis uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Information Theory to analyze massive amounts of data and draw subtle inferences. Simply ask Marvis a question and it will help you extract insights from the system or troubleshoot an issue for you.

Anomaly Detection Marvis adds anomaly detection to the Mist SLE dashboard so that administrators can rapidly and proactively identify service impacting events that assure rapid determination and resolution of the root cause of issues.

Correlate Data to Understand Scope Marvis correlates information across a large knowledge base to determine the scope and magnitude of a problem.Integrated Help Desk Marvis uses machine learning to perform unique troubleshooting and helpdesk functions like anomaly detection, event correlation, and confidence ratings.

Accurate Root Cause Analysis Bayesian Inference, a part of our data science toolbox, is used to identify causes with the highest probability of association to the problem occurring on the network.



Mist flipped the indoor location model on its head. With patented virtual Bluetooth LE (vBLE), indoor location is finally easy to deploy and scale, with unprecedented accuracy and agility.

Real-time Wayfinding Help employees, guests, and customers get to where they need to be with turn-by-turn directions. Enable wayfinding with accuracy of up to 1 meter (3.3 feet) with sub-second latency.

Real-time Proximity Notification and Alerts Greet patients, clients or customers as they arrive onsite. Create push notifications anywhere with unlimited virtual beacons. Deliver contextually relevant messages anywhere for a personalized mobile experience.

SDK for Mobile App Integration Mist offers a mobile SDK that enables you to integrate your mobile application wayfinding and notifications with Mist’s virtual Bluetooth LE infrastructure.


With Mist’s patented virtual Bluetooth LE technology, the same infrastructure for engaging with mobile users can be used for asset visibility.

Get Full Visibility Into People and Things Using Standards-based Bluetooth LE Services Easily locate key resources, like nurses, security guards, and sales associates. Track IV pumps, forklifts, and high value assets with Bluetooth LE tags.

Asset Identity Assign names to asset tags or BLE-enabled mobile/IoT devices to locate these assets on your venue map or integrate location with business applications.

Detailed Analytics Monitor visits and dwell times, with detailed drill down into zone traffic patterns and congestion points.

Asset Location and Analytics Powered by APIs A complete and open set of APIs enable you to integrate your asset tags as well as asset location and analytics applications with the Mist virtual Bluetooth LE infrastructure.


Customer segmentation & reporting based on visitor telemetry Review your customer/workforce traffic visits for resource planning or customized notification services. Out-of-the-box reporting and dashboards for 30 days, with extended option* to 12 months or longer.

Customized* dwell and 3rd Party reporting for traffic and trend analysis. Generate customized* visitor segmentation with motion paths (traffic flows between departments) dynamically or historically for cross-sell service delivery across brands and product affiliates.

Correlate customer-guest traffic and trend analysis Identify and segment various customer/guest types across your product portfolio. Expand data correlation beyond* 30 days for planning of existing and new resources and services.