We build the Secure Access solutions that enterprises and service providers rely on to make mobile workforces more productive while ensuring compliant and protected access to hybrid IT applications and resources.

Company Overview

Pulse Secure provides easy, comprehensive software-driven Secure Access solutions for people, devices, things and services that improve visibility, protection and productivity for our customers. Our standalone solutions and suites uniquely integrate mobile, cloud, application and network access to enable hybrid IT in a Zero Trust world.Over 24,000 enterprises and service providers across every vertical entrust Pulse Secure to empower their mobile workforce to securely access applications and information in the data center and cloud while ensuring business compliance and resiliency.

Pulse Access Suite Plus

Pulse Access Suite Plus provides organisations a simplified, modular and integrated approach to secure access. It delivers adaptive identity and device authentication, protected connectivity, extensive visibility and analytics, threat response and high availability.By consolidating disparate security access tools into an integrated platform, enterprises gain easy access for users and a single-pane-of-glass to streamline provisioning, management and scalability. Organisations can centrally orchestrate Zero Trust policy to ensure compliant access to applications, resources and services across distributed network, private cloud and public cloud environments.Pulse Access Suite offers flexible physical, virtual and cloud deployment, and works with an enterprise’s existing infrastructure and security ecosystem while supporting a broad array of applications. As a result, enterprises realise lower total cost of ownership while attaining procurement, deployment, expansion and support advantages.


Pulse Connect Secure
Simplified secure access and administration with continuous identity, endpoint and security posture verification, MFA, single sign-on (SSO), granular policy management, always-on, per app and multi-tunnel
modes, configuration wizard and analytics.

Pulse Policy Secure
On-premise access control with device profiling, guest,
BYOD and IoT on-boarding, agent and agentless Client,
roles-based policy engine, contextual intelligence,
802.1x/SNMP enforcement, anomaly detection,
configuration wizard and analytics.

Pulse Software Defined Perimeter
Direct device-to-application trusted connectivity
only after successful user, device and security state
verification by simply activating SDP function within
existing Pulse VPN, Client and Pulse One deployment.

Pulse Workspace
Mobile VPN and MDM with easy, cloud-based
admin and BYOD workspace that preserves user
experience with corporate app and data container,
cert-based authentication and secure connectivity.

Pulse One Manager
Centralized access policy and system administration
to streamline appliance configuration and scale, group
management, compliance reporting and audit logs,
and back-office integration.

Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager
Extensible Application Delivery Controller (ADC)
providing DNS load balancing, dynamic failover,
analytics and traffic shaping for virtual and cloud
to ensure app responsiveness and resiliency;
including Optimal Gateway Selection across multiple
geographic Pulse Connect Secure clusters.

Pulse Services Director
Network services delivery automation, flexible,
capacity-based licensing, service visualization and
metering, detailed usage analytics and reporting, agile
provisioning and clustering with REST-based API.

Pulse Web Application Firewall
High-performance, distributed app firewall for virtual
and cloud deployment with rapid threat detection
and virtual patching, simple policy tuning and false
positive suppression, and delegated management.


Pulse Secure Appliance
The Pulse appliance family offers high performance,
scalability, central management, high availability and
security with multi-personality (Pulse One, VPN, NAC,
SDP), easy configuration, and flexible deployment:
physical, virtual, cloud.

Pulse Secure Client
Lightweight, native Client that provides on-demand
device, OS, app and configuration intelligence, multifactor authentication, and security posture checking for enhanced user experience, administration and deployment - unified client across Pulse solutions.
(Agent and agentless)